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At Rock Hill Woodworking we are guided by three main principles. We believe in producing high quality millwork at a fair price, providing excellent customer service, and last but not least we believe in the importance of our team and working as a team. These essential elements are the ground on which Rock Hill Woodworking stands, and what truly sets RHW and the work we do apart from the rest.   

With over 10,000 custom moulding profiles in-house, RHW knows a thing or two about mouldings! Whether you are trying to historically match an existing moulding, or simply looking for something to make a statement, RHW prides itself on precision and attention to every detail. In addition to mouldings, RHW is known for mastering complex curves and various radius work, as well as manufacturing the finest custom doors around.


At RHW you are welcomed with a mom and pop culture, but behind those shop doors is a team that has the knowledge and know-how to respond to the demands of larger scale projects. No matter the size of your project, we are here to collaborate and bring your project to life with the finest millwork available.     

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