Rock Hill Woodworking was established in 1942 by __________ in Rock Hill Missouri. blah blah blah blah.. Say something more here. 

1942 - OCT. 1990

OCT. 1990 - OCT. 2019

In October of 1990 Gene Kirkpatrick purchased RHW from the Thomas family. Owning and operating a custom millwork shop was a childhood dream of Genes, so the purchase was a natural fit. Gene's goal and vision for RHW was to expand it's capabilities at that time, and create a state of the art shop. This vision would require a larger shop and the best equipment available. In 2007 that dream became a reality when Gene relocated RHW to it's current location, purchasing a new Weinig moulder with PowerCOM and an automated rip saw. Throughout Gene's ownership, RHW produced and still offers more custom moulding profiles than any millwork shop in the STL metro area. RHW's legacy and reputation expanded under Gene's leadership, producing the finest millwork available.  After 29 years of dedication to RHW, Gene decided it was time to retire and sell the business .


In October of 2019, almost 29 years to the date, Matthew and Andrea Mitchell purchased RHW from Gene Kirkpatrick. Matthew had been searching for the right business to purchase for over two years before stumbling upon Rock Hill Woodworking. When learning of RHW's capabilities, and strong reputation, the Mitchell's were immediatly intrigued.  Matthew has always had a passion for wood working, and Andrea's background in design lended to their interest. The Mitchell's are committed to carrying on the RHW legacy of producing quality millwork while, and something something. The Mitchell's believe in the importance of 


In 2007, Rock Hill Woodworking relocated from it's original location in Rock Hill, MO to it's current location at 3660 Lynn Town Drive. Prior to being converted to a millwork shop, the building now known as RHW used to be the Starlight Ballroom/ Music Palace from    -     where famous acts such as the Chevels, Bob Kuban, The Velvet Underground, and many more performed lived. From - the Starlight Ballroom was converted to a skating rink where many St. Louisians recall spending blah blah blah. In 2007 Gene Kirkpatrick purchased the building where it's now been .. .. 

Rock Hill Woodworking Co.

3660 Lynn Town Drive, St. Louis, MO 63116  I  (314) 427. 9663

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