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Rock Hill Woodworking Co. ensures that all its hand-crafted custom doors are to be made to the highest quality material and workmanship, free of defect. Rock Hill Woodworking Co. offers a 1-year limited warranty on all interior and exterior doors as outlined below.




  • Rock Hill Wood working Co. warranties all doors from receipt of shipment, and does not cover any damage incurred via shipping by others.

  • All doors must be inspected for defect before any work has been performed by others, or it has been installed and must be given within 10 days of receipt.

  • In the event a door is determined defective, Rock Hill Woodworking Co. will either 1.) Repair or Replace the defective parts; 2.) Replace the door entirely; 3.) Refund the door.

  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. does not cover the cost of any additional freight, installation or finishing charges.   

  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. is not responsible for any installation, finishing or refinishing costs of either the original or the replacement product, or any associated costs. No compensation will be paid to any outside party for performing any work in respect to any claim without prior consent and authorization from Rock Hill Woodworking Co.

  • All exterior doors must be sealed to the standards outlined below, prior to installation, or being exposed to  exterior elements.

  • Natural variations in wood grain, texture, color or general surface appearance of unfinished wood are not considered defects.

  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. does not cover any defects or unsatisfactory “appearance” of field finish work, not limited to gloss level, color, consistency, etc.

  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. does not warrant against damage caused by acts of God, mishandling, fire, etc.


  • All Rock Hill Woodworking Co. doors are shipped unsealed and unfinished and must be sealed on ALL edges with a premium finish or paint, including the top, bottom, and sides of door prior to installation. Please note, primer does not constitute as a sealer or finish.

  • Apply sealer, primer, or first coat of required finish immediately after fitting, cutting for hardware.

  • It is imperative that the finishing process of a door be completed from start to finish without extended delay or period of time.

  • A minimum of (3) coats of an exterior finish is recommended for all exterior doors.

  • Exterior door finishes may deteriorate more quickly with exposure to the elements and it is recommended to refinish as needed and inspect yearly.



  • Doors up to 8’-0” are warranted against warp exceeding one-quarter inch (1/4”) in the plane of the door.  

  • Doors up to 10’-0” are warranted against warp exceeding one-half inch (1/2”) in the plane of the door.  

  • Warp exceeding the tolerances noted above is not warranted if it is a result of a door not being properly sealed, a result of an improperly installed jamb, or wall not plumb.

  • All doors between 8’-0” and 10’-0” must be manufactured at a 2 ¼” minimum thickness to avoid twisting, and warping. Anything under 2 ¼” voids warranty against warping.

  • Expansion and contraction is a natural occurrence that occurs in all wood as a result to changing environmental conditions and seasonally. Expansion and contraction of wood is not warranted and common with panels which are designed to float.



  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. does not warrant against damage incurred during installation.

  • All doors over 7’-0” must use 4 hinges to warrant against warping and twisting.

  • All exterior doors over 8’-0” up to 10’-0” must use a multi-point hardware system to warrant against warping and twisting.

  • Any exterior door that utilizes an un-vented storm door will not be warranted, due to the excessive heat buildup between the storm door and door itself.

  • All exterior doors must have an adequate overhang to protect the door from direct exposure to the weather. The overhang depth should be a minimum of half (1/2) the height of the door. Any exterior door not protected by an overhang will be void of warranty



  • Rock Hill Woodworking Co. manufacturers all doors in a climate-controlled environment to ensure a more stable product and should be stored in a climate controlled environment until install, or in an environment with an approximate humidity of 35% - 45% and temperature between 65 – 75 degrees.

  • Doors should not be stored in, or exposed to excessive heat, dryness, humidity, moisture or direct sunlight. (1).png
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